Developments and Accomplishments


In keeping with the trends of the age, meeting the needs of society, preserving the university’s emphasis on both theory and application, we aim to make “Ming Chuan Chinese” a true leader in the field. Accordingly, we have set several goals for our future development.

1. Incorporate research in technology with the needs of modern life and national development to come up with applied, practical curriculums, elevating the contributions this department makes to humanities, adding energy to students’ lives.

2. Intertwine old and new courses, stressing creativity and transformation, so that traditional academics become the door to modernity and the road to students’ futures.

3. Make use of resources from popular sources and other academic disciplines to further research in the larger field of Chinese to nurture research professionals for the current stage of national development, providing Chinese information on culture, corpus and language.

4. Keeping teaching and research in sync, we will keep designing curriculum with both theory and application emphases, creating teaching materials in cooperation with both teachers and students through creation of research theme groups. In addition, under the educational principles of universal education and higher education, we strive to attain high levels of research at the same time as affirming the value of extending graduate education. Attending to both humanities and technologies, we grasp the spirit of studying the layers of cultural relics, while respecting the practical value of material life to achieve efficiency in learning.

5. Following the ideal of continuing education, this department will create more opportunities for all people to enhance knowledge in the new Chinese education sphere. In cooperation with extension education, to provide more teachers, teaching materials and build on the roots we’ve established in this field, the department is diversifying and expanding the research in our field.