Mission Goals and Objectives



The purpose of establishing this department is to cultivate talents in the research of Chinese literature and the application of language.

The purpose of the Department of Applied Chinese is not only to transmit knowledge to students, but to educate them in ways that suit the trends of our age, enhancing their proficiency in Chinese literature and research. Furthermore, our department’s distinguishing difference from more traditional ones is to train our students to apply what they learn about Chinese literature into daily life. In other words, our department combines tradition and literature with modern culture and technology to nurture future civic, political and business leaders. These professionals will not only be able to teach languages and culture, but also - through their ability to learn and apply – become cultural promoters and expositors in the world.


The educational objectives of this department are as follows:
1. Cultivate talents with professional knowledge in Chinese literature and expertise in academic research.
2. Cultivate talents in Chinese literature or Mandarin Chinese teaching.
3. Cultivate talents in document administration and cultural industries.
4. Cultivate talents with a combination of virtue and skill, a broad perspective, and a commitment to serving society.

Regarding curriculum, in recent years, our department has conducted research among our graduates to more clearly understand the needs of the marketplaces they are working in. That, along with our university’s educational advantages, means that in addition to foundational training in Sinology, our students focus on the daily use of what they learn and its practical applications. These include: linguistic expressions, interpersonal relations, advertising copy, reporting copy, modern poetry and prose composition, translation, Buddhist thought and literature, popular Chinese literature, teaching of Chinese, computerization of Chinese, Chinese cultural studies, Taiwanese literature, etc. In these ways, students are trained to continually study and apply what they learn in today’s society, confidently pave their future paths, breaking down the stereotype that humanities majors have a hard time succeeding after graduation. For these reasons, our department’s curriculum is distinctive from that of traditional Chinese literature departments.