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Papers Published Peer-reviewed journals 3 9 9
Published in seminar proceedings 10 6 6
Research Project National Science and Technology Council Project 2 1 2
The Ministry of Education Moe Teaching Practice Research Program 1 2 2
Total 16 18 20

"The Study of Neo-Confucianism in the Middle and Late Qing Dynasty: Ideological Transformation, Group Construction and Practice " / Tien, Fu-Mei / Taipei: The Liberal Arts Press / 2019-2020
"From Tradition to Innovation:On the Compilation of Taiwan Chronicles" / Hsu, Hui-Ling / Taipei: The Liberal Arts Press / 2017-2018
"From Innovation to Innovation - On the Compilation of Local Records in Taiwan" / HSU, HUI-LING / Taipei: Literature, History and Philosophy Publishing House/ 2017--2018
"Research on Variation of the Three-phase Verse of Yuan Opera" / CHEN,FU-JUNG / Taipei: Literature, History and Philosophy Publishing House/  , August 2015
"Study of Taiwanese Literature from the Qing Dynasty to the Japanese Occupation" / HSU,LI-HSIA / Taipei: Wenjin Bookstore/   March 2014
"Newly revised Chiayi County," "Newly Built Taoyuan County," the more traditional - with Art and Local Records as an example "/ HSU, HUI-LING / Taipei: Mulan Press/   March 2014
"On the History of the Canon of Confucia classics - the dispute between Han and Song Dynasties" / TIEN, FU-MEI / Taipei: Literary history and philosophy Publishing House/ 2013-2014
"Species and Lun Lun: Xun philosophy and modern Chinese academic discourse" / Chou,Chih-Huang / Taipei: Hongye Culture/  March 2013
"Talk about rituals and customs" /Hsu,Fu-Chuan / Taichung: Chinese funeral education Association/ May 2013
"Wonderful poetic paradise - Zheng Banqiao poetry and thinking" / HU,CHIEN-JU / Taipei: Literature and History Publishing House/ July 2013
"Source of Chinese Funeral" / Hsu,Fu-Chuan / Taipei: Self-publishing/  September 2013
"Wang Yangming four teach the development and evolution" / TSAI,SHU-MIN / New Taipei City: Mulan Press, Republic of China in 101 "to increase the ceremony Dacheng" / Xu Fuquan / Taipei: self-publishing / 2012-2013
"Research on the political thought of Jia Yi Chao Cuo" / HSU,LI-HSIA / Taipei: Mulan Press/ 2012-2013
"Pre-Qin and Jin culture studies (on) (Part II)" / CHEN,WEN-CHU/ New Taipei City: Mulan Press/ 2011-2012
"2011 Taiwan Student Learning Achievement Assessment Database of Chinese high school and vocational non-choice test" / Jiang Xi Mei / Taipei: National Institute of Education/ 2011-2012
"Lin Benyuan Di Ancient Monuments Series 2 Plaque United" / HSU,LI-HSIA/ Taipei: New Taipei City/  2011-2012
"Interpretation and Construction - Formation and Development of Dong Chun Shu Chun Qiu Xue" / CHEN,MING-EN / Taipei: Xiu Wei Information Technology/  2011-2012