Doctoral Dissertation

2021-2022 Academic Year Doctoral Dissertation

CAI, WEI-LING: A study on the identity of private college students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait today——Taking the students of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences as an example

CHAO, WEN-JYE: The Study Clan Organizational and Social Governance in Taiwan : Case Study of Zhao Clan Organization

DING, PENG: Research on Drama Model of Foreign language and Chinese crime films

LIU, JUEI-YING :Research on the Four Themes of Poetry and Nationalism Feelings

WAN, YI-JIE: A Study of Spatial Narrative in the Chinese Film Journey to the West (1927-2022)

ZHANG, YIYANG: Internet Film Spectacle Research from the Perspective of New Media -- A Case Study of Chinese Internet Films from 2019 to 2020