International Symposium on Major Academic Disciplines

2023 Classic and Modern - International Academic Conference on Chinese Literature

Chen, Chi-Jen: To discuss “Reclusion Poems of The Wei-Jin Dynasties” from “Solicit for Reclusion” and “Become an official”

Chen, Fu-Jung: The study of Sima Qian's acceptance of Confucianism through the grudge between Boyi and Shuqi

Chen, Ming-en: Aanalysis the different readings on the Confucian Analects of “Confucius heard the Shao in Chi”

Chen, Wen-Ju: The Philosophers and Their Thoughts Conceived by the Geography and Culture of the San-Jin

Chung, Che-Yu: A Comparison of the Interpretations of “Mongolia Journal” and Zi Ke Tu Shuo in the Late Qing Dynasty

Hsu, Hui-Ling: Six-volume structure and Living Series: Analysis of “ Revision of Zhunan Town Chronicles”

Hu, Chien-Ru: A Preliminary Study on the Quotation of Confucian Words in “History of Koryo”

Lee, Pei-Shih: The intertextual narrative between Shi Wei's novels and the Bible

Li, Guang-Long: Gu Jiegang’s Daily Writing of Book Purchase--Based on Gu Jiegang’s Diary (1921-1927)

Li, Min-Wei: Life on Cat Street——Analysis of Wang Youhua's writing strategy from “The Melancholy Cat Taro”

Ting, Ju-Ying: The study of lmperial Examination System Education in “The Dream of the Red Chambers”

Tsai, Chih-Chen: Misposition, and then pursue: on the “outsider” in Chen Xue's “Chen Spring”

Tsai, Shu-Min: Questioning in Suffering: A Comparison of the Theory of Human-God Relationship in “The Book of Job” and “Tian Wen.”

Yu, Shiu-yun: A Study on the Emotional Analysis of the Onomatopoeia “cuì” in “the Dream of Red Chambers”