International Symposium on Major Academic Disciplines

2022 Classic and Modern - International Academic Conference on Chinese Literature

Ting, Ju-Ying: The comedy creation techniques in “ The Dream of the Red Chambers ”

Li, Min-Wei: On Zhou Ming's Views on Taste-- Take “Cixi Selection under the Forest” as an example

Lin, Meng-Jung: A study of Changhua Fuhai temple poems

Kim, Jung-Eun: A Study on Korean Acceptance of Taiwanese Video Contents--Focusing on ‘Youth Movies’ and ‘Idol Drama’

Hu, Chien-Ru: The Records of the Book of Filial Piety in the History of Gorye

Hsu, Hui-Ling : An Analysis of Qing Gao Gongqian's “ Treatise on Literature “

Chang, Hsu-Chi, Wei Tsung-Chi Chang, Chiao-Yen:  Comparative research on the rhetoric of Internet catchphrases between Taiwan and Mainland China in 2021

Guo, Ping: Literary Research on“Zeng Guofan's Family Letter”

Chen, Ming-En: Aanalysis the different readings about the Confucian Analects of “The Gentlemen Have No Contention”

Chen, Chi-Jen: A Commentary on the theory of “Orthodoxy” and “Alteration” for the “Poetry on History” in the Wei-Jin Dynasties.

Chen, Wen-Ju : On the Relationship Between Why Poetry Became the Jinshi Imperial Examination Project and the Prosperity of Poetry in Tang Dynasty

Yu, Shiu-Yun : Jin Sheng-Tan “ Tang talent poems” Influence on “Dream of Red Chamber”

Zhao, Shuang-Hua : Original Return History and Modern Order Reconstruction During the Anti-Japanese War--to Reinterpretate WU Zi-xu Written by FENG Zhi

Tsai, Shu-Min:  “Justification by Faith” and “Rewards for Deeds” : A Comparison of the Thoughts on persuading kindness for “Romans” and “ Tai Shang Induction Chapter.” 

Chung, Che-Yu : On Shen Tao's Inheritance and Textual Research of Duan Yucai's Doctrine